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The Technology

The Winning Time system is designed around the TIRIS RFID (radio frequency identification) technology developed by Texas Instruments, which offers a proven, highly reliable performance.

Other applications include pay at the pump technology "Speedpass", automotive security, and building access systems.

The Winning Time system consists of 3 main elements:

Transponder Chip
Antenna Mats
WT Controller Boxes

The WT system operates in the following way:

  1. The antennas incorporated in the mats are driven by the WT boxes to generate an electro-magnetic field that sends an energizing signal to the transponder.
  2. Within 60 milliseconds the chip is fully powered and ready to send its unique identification code back to the antennas.
  3. The chip ID code is then passed through the antenna to the WT box that records it together with the relevant time. These data are then read through the WT box serial link via computer into the scoring software.

The Chip:

The Winning Time chip is a TIRIS transponder moulded into a plastic weather tight capsule. The passive Winning Time chip is worn on an adjustable, easy-on…easy-off Velcro ankle bracelet. The Winning Time chip can be used under all climatic conditions.


The Mats:

The Winning Time mats are made of plastic and covered with a robust non-deformable rubberized material. A single Winning Time module (mat) measures 160 cm long by 120 cm wide. Because of this special design the Winning Time mats are lightweight, easy to transport and non-deformable. They are easily joined together through Velcro links so to create any required configuration for start, finish or intermediate check points

The WT Controller Boxes:

The controller boxes house the TIRIS RFID modules (chip readers), the modules are controlled by the Wining Time designed CPU. They also contain long-life internal batteries that are easily recharged between events. The boxes connect to the antenna mats to capture the chip data (ID code & time) once activated. An RS 232 serial port provides the communications between the WT boxes and the host computer. The robust construction of the boxes allows them to be easily transported and withstand all modes of transportation.

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